Killing of two Darfur Joint Security Forces members sparks further concerns over regional stability

The graduation of Darfur Joint Security Forces in El Fasher in July, 2022 (SUNA)

KEREINIK / SARAF OMRA / NIERTETI – February 14, 2023

Two soldiers of the Darfur Joint Security Forces were killed, and three others were wounded, in an attack on their base in Kereinik in West Darfur on Sunday. A native administration leader warned that the incident could lead to new conflicts in the region. Shootings also took place in Central and North Darfur.

Jamaleldin Mohamed, the fersha (native administration leader) of Kereinik, told Radio Dabanga that the joint force, the Darfur Security Forces for the Protection of Civilians in full, that was stationed in the area of Gendernei was attacked by unknown armed men on motorcycles.

The attackers opened fire on the soldiers, killing two soldiers and injuring three others before they fled.

Mohamed condemned the incident and warned that it could lead to new conflicts in the region.

A number of joint forces have recently been deployed in Darfur in an attempt to combat the insecurity in the region. The joint forces consist of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) army soldiers, paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces, former rebel fighters, and policemen.

In line with the Juba Peace Agreement, this new joint peacekeeping force was set up in Darfur last year with the aim of protecting civilians in the troubled region and uniting the different rebel movements and, as of lately, government forces.

North Darfur robbery

In North Darfur, an employee of the El Fasher Social Welfare Department was shot in an armed robbery in Saraf Omra on Friday.

The employee had delivered a workshop with two of his colleagues, both women, and the team was on its way back to the state capital El Fasher when their car was intercepted by two men on a motorcycle.

The attackers shot at Abubakar Yousef, wounding him in both legs, a source told Radio Dabanga. The attackers then robbed the passengers of their laptops, mobile phones, and money.

Yousef was transferred to the Saraf Omra Hospital and later to a hospital in El Fasher.

North and West Darfur security breaches

Radio Dabanga recently reported on the deteriorating security situation in West and North Darfur, specifically in Saraf Omra.

The Darfur Joint Security Forces were stationed in West Darfur to maintain security in the area after increased security breaches, including the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in Kereinik one week ago.

Central Darfur shooting

Moez Haren (19) was shot in Nierteti, Central Darfur, on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, an eyewitness said that a group of unknown gunmen shot at Haren, wounding him in the left leg. 

The incident was reported to the Nierteti Unified Police. The victim was taken to the Niereti Hospital and then transferred to Nyala Teaching Hospital.