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‘Khartoum blast proves Sudan Govt. harbours terrorists’: SPLM-N

February 15 - 2017 kHARTOUM
SPLM-N Secretary-General Yasir Arman (File photo)
SPLM-N Secretary-General Yasir Arman (File photo)

The opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) has accused the Khartoum government of “harbouring international terrorists and training Arabs and Muslims of various nationalities”.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga SPLM-N Secretary-General Yasir Arman said that an explosion in the upscale Arkaweet residential neighbourhood in the Sudanese capital on Sunday morning “reveals the ongoing partnership between the [ruling National Congress Party] regime and international terrorist movements”.

He substantiates this by pointing out that the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) strongly rebuked the Sudanese police for disclosing the incident.

As previously reported by Radio Dabanga, the Khartoum police released a statement following “a small blast” on Sunday morning.

According to the statement, a police unit backed by forensic and explosive specialists, and accompanied by members of the NISS stormed the apartment. They found local materials used in making crude explosives, in addition to foreign passports. Four people “with Arab nationalities” were arrested.

“the NISS would have preferred to cover it up”

“However the NISS strongly rebuked the police for making the statement, as the NISS would have preferred to cover it up.”

According to the SPLM-N, the NISS accused the police of “interfering in a matter not part of its responsibility”.

Clearly referring to the USA, Arman called on “those international powers that talk about the Sudanese Government's cooperation” to “pay attention to what is happening today”.

“Mbeki is now in talks with the government for the second time, but has not spoken to us so far.”

The Secretary-General called on the African Union High level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) mediator Thabo Mbeki for “a balance of work and consultation with all Sudanese opposition parties instead of being satisfied by only consulting the Khartoum government”.

In the wake of news of a second planned visit of its kind by mediator Mbeki to Khartoum, Arman says: “Mbeki is now in talks with the government for the second time, but has not spoken to us so far.”

Arman called on Mbeki “to meet with the forces of Sudan Appeal in Addis Ababa who are ready to meet him with ideas that can be presented”.

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