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Mbeki quizzes Sudan Presidency on ceasefire

February 15 - 2017 KHARTOUM
AUHIP chairman Thabo Mbeki (File photo)
AUHIP chairman Thabo Mbeki (File photo)

The Assistant to the President of Sudan, Ibrahim Mahmoud, reiterated his government's commitment and “willingness to sign a cessation of hostilities and a comprehensive cease-fire in the conflict zones and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid in accordance with the proposal of the agreement with the USA.”

On Tuesday Mahmoud received a verbal message from African Union High level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) chairman Thabo Mbeki, via the Ambassador of the African Union to Khartoum, concerning the political situation in the country and the course of negotiations with the armed movements.

In his message, the former South African President insists “that the SPLM-N in the Two Regions has to comply with the voice of reason and spare the citizens assault and murder."

In response to a question about the steadfastness of the ceasefire and whether the repeated attacks by the armed movements continue, Ibrahim Mahmoud said, according to Sudan News Agency, "any responsible government cannot stand idly by while the lives of citizens and their property are attacked, however,” he emphasised “we are committed to the cease-fire but we will respond by fighting back if attacked.”

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