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Kassala leaders call for Khartoum to lift State of Emergency

July 5 - 2018 KASSALA
Sudan's Houses of Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)
Sudan's Houses of Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)

The National Legislature of Sudan announced an emergency session within the next ten days to discuss the presidential decree to extend the State of Emergency in the state of Kassala and its approval for another six months.

A wide range of residents of the state announced their categorical rejection of the extension of the State of Emergency, pointing out that there is no justification for it.

Abdallah Musa representing the community leadership called in an interview with Radio Dabanga for immediate lifting of the State of Emergency rather than extending it. Musa described it as “unjustified and meaningless”.

He described the reasons for imposing the causes of the state of emergency in Kassala as being one of the mysteries, stressing the absence of turbulent security conditions that call for this.

He wondered about the connection of the imposition of emergencies with regional files or campaigns of the European Union to combat illegal immigration.


Musa reported the increasing panic and among the residents.

He explained that the forces in charge of implementing the emergency are the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia who have committed documented violations against the people of Darfur.

He cited cases of killings and theft of the property by RSF members during the first six months of the state of emergency in Kassala.

He said that the state of emergency has caused the deterioration of the economic and living conditions of, pointing to the complete paralysis in the markets of the state, which has affected the situation of stability.

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