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Darfur rebel delegation invited for talks in Chad

July 5 - 2018 DARFUR
Darfur rebel fighters (File photo)
Darfur rebel fighters (File photo)

A delegation from the Sudan Liberation Forces (SLF) led by El Tahir Hajar will head to the Chadian capital N’Djamena for talks with the Chadian leadership next week.

Salah El Wali, the spokesman for the group said, “The visit of N’Djamena comes after the SLF group received an invitation from the Chadian government to discuss the Sudanese crisis, especially in Darfur Province”.

He added that the group would respond to Chadian invitation next week for several reasons, including that N’Djamena is still hosting Sudanese refugees in 12 camps along the eastern border with Chad since the end of 2003, as well as Chad taking the first initiative as a mediator for the Darfur issue, as it has hosted several talks, notably Abeche.

He explained that the group would make a statement about the outcome after the meeting with the Chadian leadership.

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