Kass official accused of rape in South Darfur

People accuse the executive director of Kass of raping a 14-year-old, displaced girl in his house next to the police. Relatives claim that she is being held at the police station.

People have accused the executive director of Kass locality in South Darfur of raping a 14-year-old, displaced girl. Relatives claimed that the girl and a witness are being held at the police station.

According to a family member of the rape victim, the incident occurred in the house of Ahmed Abaker, adjacent to the police office. The Kass executive director has confessed to raping the girl, to both the police and the victim's relatives, according to the family member speaking to Radio Dabanga.

“It happened when Abaker requested the girl and a colleague of hers to come to his house to wash clothes. When the two girls arrived and began washing, he asked one of them to carry clothes from inside his bedroom,” the relative said. After a short while, the colleague heard screams for help from inside the room.

“The colleague went to seek assistance and the police came to take the executive director and the raped girl to the police station.”

According to the family of the victim, Ahmed Abaker has confessed raping the girl to the police and her relatives.

They were surprised at the police station to find the police refusing to file charges against the locality official. The family member stressed they had acquired medical evidence that proved the occurrence of rape.

“The victim and her colleague are being held at the police station while the rapist executive director is left free and performing his work.”

Displaced people appalled

He added that the incident provoked displaced people in camp El Salam in Kass and residents of the area, because the girl’s father is dead. The sheikhs of El Salam, to which the victim belongs to, decided at their last meeting that in the events no charges are filed against Ahmed Abaker, they will raise the issue to human rights bodies and concerned humanitarian organisations.

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