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Inferno destroys 30 homes in South Darfur camp

November 17 - 2016 GIREIDA
A Darfuri room-hut on fire (file photo)
A Darfuri room-hut on fire (file photo)

A fire that broke out at camp Gireida in Dar El Salam locality in South Darfur on Wednesday destroyed 30 shelters and a large quantity of stored food.

A camp elder told Radio Dabanga that the fire broke out in one of the houses at 12pm.

“The flames rapidly spread as a result of the heavy wind. In the end we managed to control the fire by using water and sand,” he said.

“Apart from the 30 homes, and a number of sun shelters burned to the ground, along with a large quantity of grains, groundnuts, sesame, and dried okra.

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