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Imam: ‘Bring leaders of Al Bashir regime to trial as lesson to others'

May 5 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Massed Friday prayers at Khartoum sit-in (File photo)
Massed Friday prayers at Khartoum sit-in (File photo)

The imam who held the Friday sermon at the sit-in front of the General Command of the army in Khartoum, called to bring the leaders of the former regime, especially the perpetrators of crimes of murder and rape to fair trials so as to be a lesson for others.

He also called for the consolidation of the parameters of fair and fair governance in the country and avoid involvement in marginal issues for the martyrs of revolution.

The imam also called to renounce the culture of violence, hatred, exclusion and division of the unity.

He said the revolution has united the Sudanese people and called on the negotiators to ensure the unification of the people and avoid conflict and disagreement.

He also called on the military junta to announce the places of detention of the former regime leaders and bring them to a fair trial.

The deposed Al Bashir, who is currently in detention in Khartoum's Kober prison, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. He also faces investigation on charges under Sudan’s Foreign Exchange Law and money laundering after  Sudanese authorities seized a substantial amount of cash during a search of Al Bashir’s residence in Khartoum. Amounts of $351 million, €6,7 million, £5.2 million, and SDG 5 billion ($105 million) were recovered and deposited within the vaults of the Central Bank of Sudan.

Substantial amounts of money have also been recovered from bank accounts held by Al Bashir. According to El Sudani newspaper, just one such account at a commercial bank in Khartoum, held 315 million Saudi Riyals ($84 million).

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