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Hundreds of newly displaced in Yassin, East Darfur

May 1 - 2015 YASSIN
Yassin town in Yassin locality, East Darfur, western Sudan (OCHA)
Yassin town in Yassin locality, East Darfur, western Sudan (OCHA)

Over sixty percent of the newly internally displaced people in East Darfur’s Yassin town are living under trees, according to findings of an inter-agency mission.

The mission visited the town on 20 April to assess the needs of newly displaced people arriving in the town following violence triggered by cattle theft in Kweikai village (about 10km from Yassin town) on 31 March. According to aid organisations, Kweikai village was burned to the ground during the violence and residents lost all their possessions.

Of the estimated 1,000 people displaced in Yassin town, 400 people are now hosted by the local community, with the remaining 600 people sheltering under trees, according to the latest humanitarian bulleting by the UN humanitarian office (OCHA).

All newly displaced people are in need of food, emergency household items and shelter supplies, the mission said. The nearest water source is two hours walk from Kweikai village, however, as most donkey carts were destroyed in the attack. People are now required to walk this distance carrying heavy loads.

‘Safe for return’

According to the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), Kweikai village is now safe for return and those displaced are willing to return home. Consequently, HAC and aid organisations will be providing people with assistance at their village of origin.

Since Kweikai village was burned down, organisations including the World Food Programme and the NGO Tearfund are considering food-for-work programmes and the provision of emergency household supplies for the displaced, during village reconstruction.

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