Abductions by security forces, militiamen in Darfur

Members of the Sudanese security service take two students to an unknown destination in South Darfur. Also on Thursday, militiamen abduct three men in Central Darfur.

Two students were taken to an unknown destination by members of the security apparatus in South Darfur, and three men were abducted by militiamen in Central Darfur, on Thursday. A vehicle of the Sudanese aid commission was stolen in Mukjar on Wednesday.

A displaced man living in Kalma camp, near Nyala, spoke about the abduction of the 19-year-old Mohamed Abdallah and the 20-year-old Osman Mohamed Abakar to Radio Dabanga. The two were “attacked by security forces in vehicles” in the morning, while they were on their way to work in brick factories near the camp. They were taken to an unknown destination.

In another abduction in Central Darfur that day, pro-government militiamen took three men from the outskirts of Nierteti. Abdel Nasir Ali Suleiman, Elias Ahmed, and Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed were taken to west of Nierteti, a relative of one of the abductees said.

“The pro-government militiamen on camels and horses attacked them while they were coming back from the village of Omi, after doing shopping at the weekly market. They abducted them at gunpoint to Khor Ramla, west of Nierteti.”

The relative appealed to the authorities to intervene in order to release the three men.

Humanitarian Aid Commission

On Wednesday, militiamen hijacked a vehicle that belongs to the Humanitarian Aid Commission inside Mukjar, Central Darfur, in broad daylight. A source explained that the pro-government militiamen took the vehicle with a double cab to an unknown destination after threatening its driver.