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HUDO demands govt pay attention to lawlessness in South Kordofan

August 24 - 2021 KADUGLI / EL HEJEIRAT
HUDO logo (HUDO)
HUDO logo (HUDO)

The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) called on the government to pay attention to the ongoing lawlessness in South Kordofan and criticised police and security services for not carrying out their duties after last week’s attack in El Hejeirat.

The HUDO Centre said that four masked gunmen opened fire on an Atos vehicle carrying five travellers from Kadugli to the El Hejeirat’s gold mine last Wednesday. The gunmen intercepted the vehicle near the settlement of a nomadic team adjacent to the mine.

One person, Mohamed Adam (36 years old), was killed and five others were seriously injured. The robbers also looted over 5 million pounds.

HUDO indicated that the accident was reported with the Kadugli police but that the police did not conduct any of the necessary investigations.

The centre called on the government to pay due attention to the lawlessness in South Kordofan and to ensure the rule of law and called on the police and security services to carry out their duties.

HUDO also demanded that the government disband government militias and promote disarmament, limiting the use of unlicensed weapons.

'Protesters voiced their anger about the ongoing security issues, violent robberies, and lack of police action in the area'

Last week, resistance committees already called on the local government to immediately arrest the perpetrators of the El Hejeirat attack. The incident had already triggered protests in Kadugli, in which protesters voiced their anger about the ongoing security issuesviolent robberies, and lack of police action in the area.

South Kordofan has faced high levels of violent robberies and lawlessness in the past months. Yesterday, Radio Dabanga already reported on several separate robberies and looting events in the state, in which at least one person was shot.

Police and security forces did not respond in any of these instances.


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