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Herder attacks continue on Darfur farmers

November 19 - 2015 DARFUR
Cattle in Sufan (file photo)
Cattle in Sufan (file photo)

Attacks by militant herdsmen have continued on farmers in North, South, West and Central Darfur. They have driven their camels and cattle onto farmland by force of arms. Crops and farms have been destroyed in Shangil Tobaya, Dubo El Omda, Tawila in North Darfur, in addition to the northern, southern and eastern areas of Mershing locality in South Darfur.

Farmers have confirmed damaging to thousands of hectares of crops. They pointed out that they have told the authorities about the incidents, but no action has been taken.

For three consecutive days, Morur village in Sirba locality, West Darfur, has been raided by militiamen. Residents have been beaten, whipped, and robbed of their property and possessions.

On Sunday, militiamen attacked farmer Shawish Toam, intented on robbing him of his crop of beans. Shawish resisted them, seized one of their weapons, and opened fire on a militiaman’s legs. Seeking reprisal on Monday, militiamen raided the village in search of Shawish, a resident told Radio Dabanga. “When they did not find him, they detained Mohammed Bishara, Hassan Mursal, Abakar Bishara, Maryam Ibrahim and Osman Izerig.

“They beat them with sticks and whips and caused them varying injuries. Abakara Bishara was seriously injured and transferred to El Geneina for treatment.”

The Coordinator said that the militiamen attacked the village again on Tuesday and fired into the air pillaging the money and property of the villagers. The Coordinator added that a contingent of the Sudanese army of Tendelti intervened and drove the militiamen out of the village.

Armed pro-government herdsmen also drove their cattle onto farms in Wadi Arengo, west of Zalingei in Central Darfur. This caused damage to crops of onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans. The farmers renewed their appeal to the authorities to protect them and their farms from the herders’ attacks.

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