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El Hamar call for Central Kordofan state in Sudan

September 1 - 2016 EN NAHUD
West Kordofan (file photo: Al Nilin)
West Kordofan (file photo: Al Nilin)

The Amir of the El Hamar tribes in West Kordofan has called for the establishment of a Central Kordofan state with En Nahud as its capital.

During a visit by Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir to En Nahud on Wednesday morning, Amir Ibrahim Monim Mansour, chanted in front of Al Bashir and the crowds who supported him “enough, enough, El Nahud should be a state”.

He called on the Khartoum government to establish Central Kordofan as a separate state for the El Hamar tribes “similar to the establishment of East Darfur state for the Rizeigat tribes.

Delegations from the five localities populated by El Hamar in West Kordofan raised banners calling for the establishment of Central Kordofan State with En Nahud as its capital.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that Al Bashir, who appeared to be surprised by the public demands, avoided responding and, uncharacteristically, left the podium after just five minutes.

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