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Gunmen shoot, beat up, threaten people in South Darfur’s Gireida

Gunmen in Darfur (Andrew Carter)
Gunmen in Darfur (Andrew Carter)

On Saturday, a farmer was seriously injured in an attack by gunmen in Gireida locality, South Darfur. Two others were wounded in a separate assault. The village of Bayata was surrounded by militiamen for 12 hours.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a farmer reported that gunmen on horses, and wearing military uniforms stormed the land of Habib Ibrahim Yaqoub, at Wadi Shangalei, south of Gireida.

“They intended to rob Yaqoub. When he resisted, they shot him. He was transferred to a hospital in Gireida in critical condition.”

On the same day, Haroun Kakarok and Mohamed Barshalona were assaulted by gunmen in the area of El Jogana. “Some outlaws beat them up in Maseea village, after which they took their donkeys with them,” the source said.

A resident of Bayata village in El Jogana told Radio Dabanga that after a body of a militiaman had been found in the vicinity, his relatives cordoned off the village with their Land Cruisers from 5 am until 5 pm on Saturday.

“They accuse us of killing the man, though we have never seen him before,” he said.

He appealed to the South Darfur authorities to “immediately intervene and protect us against these Janjaweed”.

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