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Gunmen murder one, rape two in Darfur

July 26 - 2016 GIREIDA / TABIT
(file photo)
(file photo)

A displaced man was killed and his brother wounded when bandits attacked a village in South Darfur on Sunday. Two girls were raped near Tabit in North Darfur on Monday.

Manjirni village near Gireida came under attack by gunmen riding camels and wearing military uniforms. They shot dead Yahya Mohamad Abaker, a displaced man, and wounded his brother Adil Yahya Mohamed Abakar.

On Monday, militiamen attacked six women who were farming near Um Gaji, 15 kilometres south of Tabit. They beat the women at gunpoint and raped two of them, aged 16 and 17.

Another witness in Um Gaju said that three militiamen stormed the house of Ahmed El Nur, and shot him with three bullets. They then stole his property, including his donkey.

El Nur was transferred to El Fasher hospital.

A large group of militiamen shot three displaced farmers dead and wounded six others in Gireida locality on 17 July. At the time a source explained that the farmers all live at the Gireida camps for the displaced. “We just returned to the area of Askalaya, our place of origin, to prepare our lands for the current agricultural season.”

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