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Gunmen attack groups of women in North Darfur's Tawila

February 22 - 2019 TAWILA
A Darfuri woman returns home with firewood (Mia Farrow)
A Darfuri woman returns home with firewood (Mia Farrow)

Nine women were wounded in an attack by armed men in separate incidents in Tawila locality on Thursday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that herders on camels opened fire on and attacked a group of women who went out to collect firewood near Mashrou Abu Zeid, east of Dubo El Omda, Thursday at noon.

The shooting wounded Kalsoum Yahya with a live bullet in her hand. Umelkheir Mekki was wounded in the head with an axe.

In a separate incident, Yahya Omar was injured in an attack near Hashaba. Militia members driving a Land Cruiser and others on camels, held six women at a water well at Koto area, 5 km south of Tabit on Thursday morning.

Family members of the victims confirmed to Radio Dabanga that the militia members assaulted the women, beat them with whips, and held them there from approximately 7am to 11am, and then released them.

The motives for the incidents were unknown, sources informed this station.

On Sunday, cattle raiders in Tawila wounded three people, while the same day, a group of firewood gatherers was attacked by armed herders.

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