Gunmen assassinate sheikh in El Geneina, West Darfur

Sheikh Adam Arbab, imam of El Geneina Grand Mosque, succumbs to his wounds from a grenade explosion in his house. One of the attackers is captured.

Gunmen have killed Sheikh Adam Arbab, the imam of El Geneina Grand Mosque, inside his house in West Darfur.

His son informed Radio Dabanga that he knows the gunmen, claiming they were believed to be signatories to the Doha peace agreement. They attacked Sheikh Arbab on Monday evening. One of the gunmen was captured and the incident has been reported to the police.

Son Firsha Saleh Arbab exlplained that his father was seriously wounded when the attackers threw a grenade onto Arbab's house, while the Sheikh, two guests and Firsha himself were inside. Sheikh Arbab died from his head wounds in the hospital two hours later.

“The attack was a personal target,” Firsha Arbab stressed. The police and security services have not found the other offenders yet.