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Government militia kill 4 and loot livestock in Abu Zeraiga

July 30 - 2012 El-Fasher

Local government-aligned militias kill 4 people on Friday in the area of Abu Zeraiga, south of El-Fasher. A relative of one of the victims told Radio Dabanga that the government militia moved from Dar es Salaam and Shingil Tubai riding vehicles, motorcycles and camels and attacked the area around five o'clock in the evening.

The attack resulted in the deaths of Idriss Zakaria Ali, Idriss Abdullah Ali, Abdullah El-Bari Idriss Abdullah and Khalil Adam Bakht and injured Idriss Araja Hassan and El-Omda Ali. The militia plundered approximately 1245 livestock.

A relative of one of the victims also said that a meeting held in north Darfur with Osman Yousef Kiber, governor of north Darfur state, the committee on state security and the committee of the people from Abu Zeraiga, led to an agreement including returning the cattle plundered by the militia to their owners as soon as possible. He explained that governor Kiber assigned El-Hadi Ahmed Hassan as commissioner for Dar es Salaam and Adam Abkar Rasheed Omda as commissioner for Shingil Tubai for the recovery of the livestock.

The governor said the suspects of the attack, killings and looting in the area of Abu Zeraiga included the commander of Dar es Salaam district militia Mukhtar Hussein Shameen as well several others from the militia of the Shingil Tubai district, including Wad Ali, Wad Bi'r and Wad El-Jabal.

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