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Girl raped and cattle stolen in North Darfur

March 18 - 2016 TAWILA / GARSILA
(File photo)
(File photo)

A girl was raped in Tawila locality in North Darfur on Wednesday night, and bandits raided homes and stole the cattle of villagers near Dubbo El Omda. Two kidnapped displaced persons were released in Central Darfur this week.

Two gunmen, wearing military uniforms and riding camels, intercepted the 16-year-old girl in the open near Wadi Merra, 10 kilometres south of Tabit, where she was collecting straw and firewood. A woman family member of the victim told Radio Dabanga that the men raped her there.

The girl has been transferred to a health centre in Shangil Tobaya after the incident was reported to the police in Tabit.

The same night, 15 bandits on camels robbed 220 heads of cattle from Katur, just south of Dubbo El Omda in Tawila locality, on the outskirts of the Jebel Marra. “They broke into Katur at night, opened fire into the air and raided about 15 houses,” a villager said. They gathered 150 sheeps and goats, and 70 cows in one place.

Seven women were forced to take away the animals an go to Tirbo, south of Katur. “The men kept the women in the night and released them on Thursday,” he said, unable to report whether the women were abused.


Two displaced people from Aradeba camp in Garsila, Central Darfur, were released after being kidnapped by gunmen, who demanded a ransom.

A Sheikh in the camp told Radio Dabanga that four armed men took El Faki Abdelkarim and Mohamed Ishag Abdallah, who were searching for firewood north of Aradeba on Monday. They communicated to the people in the camp that they demanded SDG2,400 ($393) for their release.

After tough negotiations, the kidnappers accepted a ransom of 2,000 ($328) and released the two men.

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