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Four men slain in North Darfur

April 24 - 2016 KUTUM / KABKABIYA / DELEIG
Militiaman in Darfur (Andrew Carter)
Militiaman in Darfur (Andrew Carter)

Bandits killed three people north of Kutum in North Darfur on Wednesday. One man was shot dead in a market in Kabkabiya on Tuesday.

The three herders were shot dead by three armed men in a Land Cruiser, mounted with a Dushka machinegun on top, at Donki Adam Hassan, which is north of Kutum. An independent MP of Karnoi, Um Baru, and El Tina localities reported the incident to Radio Dabanga.

The killing of Saleh Khamis Hanju, El Safi Babullah Jourde and Nasr Harri Khalifa led to the escape of the residents from the area, MP Mohamed Ahmed Minawi Digeish said.

He added that the water wells in the area are being sabotaged by outlaws, resulting in cattle dying from dehydration.

Bandits shot dead Adoma Yahya Ishag in the market of El Salam camp in Kabkabiya on Tuesday.

On Thursday evening, the same men stole mobile phones and other goods from three shops. They have established a toll gate on the road between Sortony camp and Kabkabiya, where they impose fees on the passers-by.

Central Darfur

Militiamen opened fire on a displaced man, named Naserldin Mohamad Omar, near Deleig camp and seriously injured him on Thursday.

A Sheikh in the camp told Radio Dabanga that “pro-government militiamen” attacked Omar and two other displaced men from the camp in Central Darfur. They were producing bricks southeast of Deleig.

The victim was quickly taken to Zalingei hospital for treatment.

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