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Four displaced wounded, five kidnapped by North Darfur bandits

May 9 - 2016 SORTONY
File photo: A Darfur gunman
File photo: A Darfur gunman

Four displaced people were injured, and five others kidnapped by armed militiamen in North Darfur on Saturday.

On Sunday, the coordinator of Kabkabiya camps told Radio Dabanga that the incident occurred while a group of displaced people were making their way from the Teo area to Sortony camp on Saturday.

“A group of militiamen surrounded Sortony camp, and did not allow anyone to enter or leave. They alleged the displaced had stolen cows belonging to them.

“The militiamen opened fire on the incoming group and wounded Hamed Yousif Abdel Razeg Suleiman, Ahmed Abdel Shafie, Zakaria Mohamed Adam and Mustafa Taher.

The coordinator said that the gunmen then kidnapped Faisal Adam, Mohammed Yousif, Musa Zakaria, and two others whose names have not yet been ascertained.

“The militiamen also stole 50 goats, ten cows, and three donkeys.”

The Coordinator said that also on Saturday, militiamen kidnapped Adam Mousa Bashir (23) and Abdulrahman Abdullah (38) from Karkara market, and took them to an unknown destination. They are demanding SDG160,000 ($25,000) for their release.

He lamented the spreading phenomenon of militiamen kidnapping displaced people to extort money from their families.

“We reject these plans, and they will not pay any amount to anyone no matter what,” the coordinator said.

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