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Four children die fleeing violence in North Darfur

August 5 - 2021 GALLAB
People fleeing attacks on the Kerending camps for the displaced near El Geneina, capital of West Darfur, January 2021 (Social media)
People fleeing attacks on the Kerending camps for the displaced near El Geneina, capital of West Darfur, January 2021 (Social media)

Four children died on Tuesday, after living in the open near Jarjeera south of the North Darfur capital of El Fasher since Friday, when their villages were attacked by groups of gunmen. On the same day, three people were hit by bullets on the road connecting El Fasher with Nyala. Two vehicles were stolen near Gallab.

A resident of Jarjeera told Radio Dabanga that the four children, all between seven and eight years old, died after having sheltered with their families under trees, south-east of Gallab for five days. They were exposed to rain, cold, and a lack of water and food, he said.

He also reported that a large number of people who fled attacks on their villages during the past five days are now living rough in valleys and under trees. Large groups of gunmen are still roaming the area.

On Friday, armed men attacked a number of villages in in the southern part of North Darfur. During the current farming season, displaced people from Zamzam camp temporarily returned to the area to tend their farms

The attacks continued the following days and spread to the neighbouring Dar El Salam locality. An unknown number of villagers fled their homes. Three men were killed and dozens were injured. People went missing, and two men were abducted. Most of the livestock was stolen.

The North Darfur state Security Committee has described the violence as “frictions over agricultural lands between a group of Arab tribes and Zaghawa tribesmen”.

Activist groups in Tawila and Zamzam have urged the authorities to expedite the provision of humanitarian assistance to the newly displaced, who are besieged by militants. They have also appealed to the people living in the area to help the fleeing villagers “with the food they have”.

Part of UN map indicating camps for displaced people in the southern part of North Darfur, 2013 (reliefweb)


Another source reported that the militants who are attacking villages in Tawila, stole a Land Rover and Land Cruiser in the area of Dolbe, south of Gallab.

The two vehicles were owned by displaced people who came to the area to provide support to those fleeing the violence. The drivers of the vehicles left the cars and fled after the attackers opened fire.

Armed robbery

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, an eyewitness reported from the area of Tangerara that a group of armed robbers opened fire on two vehicles.

The driver of the first vehicle and two others in the second vehicle were hit. The attackers then stole their telephones, money and property, and fled.

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