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‘Foreign aid goods for sale at Sudanese markets’: displaced

March 12 - 2015 KHARTOUM
A market in Darfur (file photo)
A market in Darfur (file photo)

Reports have reached Radio Dabanga that goods and materials donated as humanitarian aid by the international community are being offered for sale at Sudanese markets.

Sources allege that some of the items destined to be distributed as humanitarian aid among the displaced of Darfur and ‘consigned to the Sudanese Red Crescent’, have been ‘leaked’. They include hygiene products such as shampoo and soap worth more than SDG 600,000 ($105,000).

“The items are now being offered for sale to dealers at markets in Khartoum.”

In a press statement, the publicity coordinator for the Sudanese Red Crescent, Haitham Ibrahim, denies the diversion of humanitarian aid materials to markets, pointing out that his organisation does not receive humanitarian materials in the form of cosmetics or even soap.

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