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Food prices rise in Darfur, Kordofan as Pound falls

February 2 - 2017 EL GENEINA / KADUGLI
50 kg Kenana sugar sacks (Al-Sudani newspaper)
50 kg Kenana sugar sacks (Al-Sudani newspaper)

Darfur has seen a sharp rise in prices for foodstuffs, consumer goods, and fuel over the past weeks, after a temporary respite following the announcement of the easing of US sanctions against Sudan.

Most affected has been West Darfur. The price of a sack of millet in Foro Baranga locality is selling for SDG500 ($77), sorghum for SDG400 ($60), flour for SDG600 ($93), and sugar for SDG660 ($102).

Traders in El Geneina say that the price of a tin of vegetable oil now costs SDG350 ($55) and a sack of onions SDG600 ($93).

Petrol is selling for SDG50 ($7.73) a gallon in El Geneina, and SDG60 ($9.30) in Foro Baranga.

Reports are also reaching this station from the North Darfur capital of El Fasher, which is experiencing similar price hikes.

Bread shortage

South Kordofan has witnessed bread and fuel crisis, especially in Kadugli, since the beginning of the year.

One of the drivers told Radio Dabanga that there are long queues at fuel stations. People have accused the Governor of negligence and demanded his resignation.

The people in the Mansourkatti area of El Debba locality in Sudan’s Northern State have not been able to buy bread for a week.

People told Radio Dabanga that a number of bakeries of the area have stopped working for lack of flour, while some have limited their period of work during day.

Currency shift

On Tuesday the US Dollar began to rise against the Sudanese Pound in the parallel market. The Pound rallied remarkably following the announcement of the easing of US economic sanctions against Sudan on 13 January.

However a greenback that cost SDG16.50 last Thursday now sells for SDG18.

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