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Food distribution delayed for Darfuri refugees in Chad camp

March 16 - 2014 CHAD / GAGA CAMP

The refugees of Gaga camp in eastern Chad are suffering from a severe shortage of food, owing to the delay of the food rations’ distribution, and the reduction of the rations since early 2014.

“The camp residents are facing hunger because of the delay in the distribution of food rations,” Yasin Abdel Karim, an activist at Gaga refugee camp, told Radio Dabanga. “So far we have not received rations in March. This is serious as the food rations provided by the World Food Programme already were reduced since the start of this year. A sack of sorghum is now supposed to feed 12 people instead of four, like last year.”

Abdel Karim appealed to “the organisations working in the field of food and the donors to reverse the reduction of the food rations and distribute the aid on time, in order to prevent the dire humanitarian conditions in which we are now living”.

File photo: A street at a refugee camp in eastern Chad (archive Radio Dabanga)

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