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Flooded roads threaten South Kordofan agriculture

August 9 - 2016 DELLING
An market abandoned because of the heavy rains in Sudan (RD)
An market abandoned because of the heavy rains in Sudan (RD)

The rainy season has made travel increasingly difficult for residents in South Kordofan's Habila, Dalami, and Karthala localities.

A villager in Habila told Radio Dabanga yesterday that the roads that connect these localities with Delling have been affected by the rains. There are no bridges for the locals to use to cross the high water level in some parts. “It has affected the movement of people and the transportation of food, fuel, and other commodities,” the villager reported. 

Meanwhile farmers warn that the delay in the arrival of fuel to the large agricultural projects at state level may affect the agricultural season. They fear this may cause the failure of the upcoming season’s harvest.

Through Radio Dabanga they expressed their appeal to the government authorities to pave the roads between Delling, Habila, and Dalami, because of their importance for the state economy.

Last week roads in eastern Sudan's Kassala state also flooded, forcing schools to close.

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