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Fires break out in various parts of Darfur

May 28 - 2015 DARFUR
A fire at Kalma camp in South Darfur on 16 May this year destroyed 30 homes (RD)
A fire at Kalma camp in South Darfur on 16 May this year destroyed 30 homes (RD)

Fires that broke out in West Darfuri villages and in two camps for the displaced in South Darfur on Tuesday, gutted more than 30 homes and two mosques. In Kabkabiya, North Darfur, a massive fire destroyed large areas of pastures and forests.

“18 houses burned to the ground in Manjoura, West Darfur, as well as the village mosque,” the coordinator of the Sirba camps for the displaced reported to Radio Dabanga.

He added that another fire broke out at the Koran Institute in the area of Suni, west of Sirba town, on Tuesday. “A number of the 1,800 students studying lost their belongings. The mosque and at least two houses were entirely destroyed.”

The coordinator appealed to the authorities and aid organisations to provide support to the victims.

The fire that broke out in Otash camp destroyed the full contents of ten homes, a camp elder reported to Radio Dabanga. In El Salam camp, two shelters burned to ashes.


South of Jebel Si, located east of Kabkabiya town, a fire broke out on Sunday. “The quickly spreading flames consumed vast areas of pastures and forests,” a listener told Radio Dabanga from Kabkabiya on Wednesday.

He explained that not only many herders graze their livestock in the area, but it is also a source of herbs, firewood, and straw for the construction of houses.

“The place is still burning. People notified the authorities, but they did not act,” he said, calling on the North Darfur government to intervene "as soon as possible", and extinguish the fire.

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