Fire destroys houses in East Darfur camp

A massive fire in El Neem camp destroys more than a hundred houses of displaced families, who now live without shelter.

A massive fire broke out on Friday in El Neem camp for displaced people in East Darfur. More than a hundred houses of displaced families and their contents were destroyed, along with a large amount of food and stocked crops.

A witness reported to Dabanga that the fire broke out at 1pm. There were no casualties, but the destruction of huts and houses caused the displacement of hundreds of families. They now live in the open without shelter or food.

He appealed to the authorities and humanitarian organisations to quickly deliver aid to those affected, “whom have lost everything” in the camp, which is near the town of Ed Daein.

In camps for displaced people, where houses are built close to eachother, a fire can spread easily, owing to the building materials and the wind.