Fighting leads to internet cuts, Sudanese protests against the war

'No to war' and 'No to the killing of innocent people'. Protest in Arbaji, El Gezira in April 2023 (Photo: RD)


Internet connections are witnessing outages in Sudan since yesterday. On Sunday morning, Sudani and Kanar networks were entirely cut-off and Zain partially. Some parts of the country witnessed protests against the war.

NetBlocks, a London-based organisation concerned with monitoring web access around the world tweeted yesterday that “Real-time network data show a near-total collapse on internet activity in Sudan with national connectivity now at two per cent of ordinary levels”.

The organisation said yesterday evening that the country remained largely offline.

The Sudan Armed Forces accused the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of sabotaging the network exchange early on Sunday morning and seeking to control the El Jeili refinery in the eastern part of Khartoum North.

Sources told Radio Dabanga from Khartoum that the Sudani company stopped it telecommunications and internet services, while the rest of the networks witnessed a noticeable slowdown.

NetBlocks also reported that Internet connectivity temporarily declined in Chad as well. “The country derives much of its connectivity from Cameroon and from Sudan, which fell largely offline earlier today.”

Anti-war protests

In relatively safe places in greater Khartoum, El Gezira, and Blue Nile region, people staged marches and vigils to call for a stop to the war.

Activists launched the hashtag No_to_War in Arabic, which quickly spread on social media.

On Sunday, women groups organised a vigil in Ed Damazin, capital of Blue Nile region, to denounce the war. “Many dead soldiers from both the army and the RSF come from the region,” a protester told Radiuo Dabanga.

In Dardoug, in the northern part of Khartoum North (Bahri), people staged an anti-march on Saturday evening. In Arbaji in El Gezira, people took to the streets as well to call “for an immediate end to the war”.

The Resistance Committees of Karari in Omdurman launched a “No to War” campaign by posting video clips and publications on social media.

In Khartoum, the resistance committees called on the youth not to barricade the streets, as it would affect possible relief and evacuation operations.

In the Netherlands, Sudanese and friends organised a protest vigil on the Dam square in Amsterdam on Sunday.