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Farmer shot, schoolboy killed by ammo in Darfur

December 6 - 2018 DARFUR
A belt of  machine gun ammunition (File photo)
A belt of machine gun ammunition (File photo)

Herders shot and killed a farmer at Jokhana area of Gireida locality in South Darfur on Tuesday. A schoolboy died after throwing ammunition into a fire in North Darfur.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the herders trespassed with their livestock the farms of Jokhana area and when the owners tried to chase them out, one of the herders opened fire and killed farmer Yahya Khalifa.

A schoolboy died in an ammunition explosion in Kabkabiya in North Darfur.

One of the relatives of the deceased told Radio Dabanga that the boy found Dushka machinegun ammunition in their house at El Safa district in western Kabkabiya, took one and threw it in the fire.

The bullet quickly discharged and hit him in the chest and killed him instantly.

Three thieves anaesthetised a university lecturer of El Fasher University and seized his vehicle while he was transporting them to Naivasha camp for displaced people north of El Fasher on Tuesday.

The thieves had asked the lecturer, who used his vehicle for paid transport to earn extra, to take them to the Naivasha camp and after they moved from the Grand Market, one of the thieves anaesthetised the lecturer with a spray on his face, threw him out of the vehicle and then fled with the car to an unknown destination.

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