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Farm guard runs-over herder in Blue Nile

August 23 - 2016 ED DAMAZIN
A tractor in Sudan (file photo)
A tractor in Sudan (file photo)

In an incident involving a shooting and a crash, one person was killed while two herders were wounded by a security guard in Ed Damazin, Blue Nile on Monday.

A company security guard shot and wounded two herders, including Ahmed Mohamed Yousif, who were taking their livestock out to graze in Abu Rumad. The guard ran-over another herder, Mohamed Ahmed, with a tractor, which resulted in Ahmed’s death, according to a local leader.

The wounded have been transferred to the hospital in Ed Damazin.

The incident was reported to this station by Mohamed Yahya Mohamed, the Omda of Abu Rumad. “The guard works for an Arab agricultural company.”

The Omda called on state government authorities to implement a presidential decree (209) that would initialise a peace trajectory between pastoralists and farmers, to avoid further friction.

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