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Family members slain in Central Darfur

July 5 - 2016 DELEIG / EL GENEINA
(file photo)
(file photo)

Five family members were killed in an attack in Deleig locality in Central Darfur last weekend. Bandits attempted to hijack a stock customs' vehicle that transported money in West Darfur.

“Paramilitary group members that recently returned from the Jebel Marra battle zones attacked a family in Gaba. They are members of the same tribe,” a witness told Radio Dabanga, explaining that the fighting happened against the backdrop of a dispute over a woman.

The men killed Abaker Adam Ibrahim Omar, Osman Ibrahim Omar, Nasruldin and Abdallah Ismail Omar, and a woman. Adam Ibrahim Omar, Jeddo Adam Ibrahim and Ibrahim Ismail Omar sustained injuries.

Failed hijack

On Sunday, members of a militia attacked a vehicle that belongs to the stock customs in El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur, while it was on its way to a bank. It carried about SDG3 million ($490,020).

A listener told Radio Dabanga that the militiamen opened fire from their moving vehicle on the customs vehicle, near the livestock bank. A guard in the vehicle was wounded. The rest of the guards exchanged fire with the attackers and forced them to withdraw before stealing the money.  

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