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Eye disease in S. Darfur, diarrhea and infections in W. Darfur

September 20 - 2010 By Radio Dabanga -- NYALA/EL GENEINA

Officials in the health sector in South Darfur said that the contagion of eye disease in the state is caused by the deteriorated environmental sanitation conditions. Specifically, they blamed the proliferation of flies, dirt and defecation in the open.

Yahia Adam, an official in the state ministry of health, said on Radio Dabanga that the prevalence of the disease in the state is not scary and he asked citizens not to fear and panic. He asserted that pharmacies can provide treatment for the disease, and he appealed to citizens to pay attention to hygiene and environmental health and consult a doctor as soon as possible. He was speaking from Nyala.

In a related interview, Dr. Al Nazir Taha Yasin's, a physician at Nyala hospital, said that citizens should care for their health and hygiene by washing their hands, face, and being concerned for the health of the environment and the cleanliness of the house. He advised listeners to go see a doctor if feeling any symptoms. Dr. Al Nazir’s advice to citizens was broadcast by Radio Dabanga on Saturday.A source in the health sector in West Darfur said that unknown viruses are spreading as well as diarrhea, cases of malnutrition among children, and diseases affecting pregnant women. The source attributed the causes of outbreaks of diseases to contaminated drinking water, especially in the rainy season in the absence of water sources and pumps sufficient to provide clean water to drink.

The displaced in the camps complained of the lack of health services and health units within the camps. An elder from camp Abu Zar in El Geneina told Radio Dabanga that there isn’t any medical clinic inside the camp, and he said they have to travel three kilometres to get treatment.

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