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Expert warns against Sudanese projects on Red Sea island

June 23 - 2016 PORT SUDAN
Fish and coral in the Red Sea
Fish and coral in the Red Sea


Environmental experts have warned against establishing projects on Magarsam Island, 135 kilometres north of Port Sudan off the Red Sea coast, without first conducting the environmental impact studies required.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, environmental expert Dr Taha Badawi has demanded that the required environmental studies be conducted before establishing the project, according to Sudan’s environmental laws. Dr Badawi pointed out that that Magarsam Island is one of two environmentally protected resorts, which is part of the agreement on the preservation of the sites located on the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Last week, a Minister of Red Sea state announced the start of the first phase of the Heart of the World Island Project at Mohamed Gol, which lies on the mainland to the northwest of Magarsam Island.

Implemented by Saudi investor Abdullah Ahmad Husseini at a cost of $11 billion, the project is to be developed in stages.

The plans for the first phase of the project, to be completed within five years on an area of ​​323 million square metres, includes city towers, tourism, commercial buildings and and sports next to an airport, the industrial city, and a seaport.

The Sudanese government envisages similar development for Magarsam Island, which is uninhabited. The environmentally sensitive island is surrounded by pristine coral reefs, which make it one of the Red Sea’s most sought-after scuba diving destinations.

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