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‘Emergency measures’ to curb insecurity in South Darfur

July 16 - 2014 NYALA

The Governor of South Darfur State issued a number of “emergency measures” on Tuesday, in an attempt to combat the rampant insecurity in the capital Nyala. 

Governor Maj. Gen. Adam Mahmoud Jarelnabi ordered the strict control by security and police forces of vehicles riding in Nyala without number plates. Tinted glass windows are prohibited too, “including for all government vehicles”. Motorcycles will be banned between 7 pm and 7 am.

The wearing of the “kadamool”, a turban-veil covering the face, is strictly forbidden, as well as the carrying of weapons by “people in civilian clothes”. The firing of guns is prohibited “at all occasions”.

El Hadi Eisa, the Commissioner of Nyala North locality, explained at a press conference in South Darfur’s capital on Tuesday that the measures were taken as “life has become unbearable in Nyala”.

“The security forces will strictly deal with thieves and robbers within the city. We call on all citizens to report any person violating the emergency order.”

The Commissioner of Nyala municipality, Abdel Rahman Hussein Gardud, stressed the South Darfur State government's ability to implement the measures. “The will of the state is stronger than the criminals.”

He announced the expansion of police services in the duty stations, the deployment of army forces, and the formation of special courts dealing with violations of the emergency measures.

File photo: Militiamen in Darfur


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