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Economist slates Sudan President’s ‘war on corruption’

April 4 - 2018 CAIRO

Economist Professor Hamid Eltigani, Head of the Department of Public Policy and Administration at the American University of Cairo​, ridiculed President Al Bashir's declaration of war on corruption before the Parliament and described it as “lacking seriousness and credibility”.

Professor Eltigani told Radio Dabanga that Al Bashir's goal of the current declaration is to re-nominate himself for the next term.

He explained that “corruption in Sudan is institutionalised and starts with the presidency and extending in the executive branch, Bank of Sudan and commercial banks.”

He accused the president and his brothers of involvement in networks of corruption, speculation in currencies and gold trade, saying that “most of the deals are signed inside the presidential palace with the knowledge of the President of the Republic.”

Eltigani called for independence of the judiciary and compelling the president and his family to disclose their balances as the right approach to fight corruption.

He told Radio Dabanga that the solution could be in the departure of the regime, calling on political and civil forces and the people at home and abroad to assume their responsibilities in bringing down the regime.

In the Parliament, Abulgasim Burtom, the head of the alliance of forces of change, described the president's recognition in his speech before the national legislature as a positive step, calling for the fight against corruption without exception.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, he warned of using the slogan of fighting corruption for political assassinations.

He said that the mechanisms to fight corruption have been available for decades without implementation or activation.

He explained that the President of the Republic has earlier announced the establishment of an anti-corruption commission, but has not started its work so far.

The National Liberation and Justice Party described Al Bashir's decision to declare war on corruption as historic and will make a positive change in the march of this nation.

Eisa Mustafa, the party's political secretary told Radio Dabanga “We believe that there can be no development or growth in the presence of corruption and the state cannot be reformed in isolation from the fight against corruption".

He said that his party highly values this decision and the steps that follow through standing with Al Bashir in the front lines to fight corruption.

‘War on corruption’

On Monday, President Omar Al Bashir vowed to launch a war against corruption in Sudan, especially to cut off actors manipulating the economy.

“There are linked networks of corruption to sabotage the national economy by stealing the people’s money,” the president told the Parliament. “We will strictly apply the law of illegal wealth here, to detect the suspected money laundering.”

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