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MP: 100+ still detained without trial in Darfur

April 5 - 2018 OMDURMAN
Sudan's Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)
Sudan's Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)

MP Eisa Ali Ajab has called for the release of at least 100 people in Darfur who are still being held by the authorities after they were detained during the campaign of arms collection last year. Some have reportedly been pardoned, but have not yet been released.

Ajab said before the Sudanese Parliament in Omdurman that “the people were arrested in Darfur as part of the campaign to collect weapons, without bringing them to trial for more than nine months”.

The MP called on the Presidency of the Republic to either release these detainees or bring them to trial.

The deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of Parliament, Mutawakil El Tijani, criticised what he called “the justice bureaucracy” as many of those who have been pardoned are still in prison.

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