Eastern Sudan conference concludes – recommendations to be enacted


The Eastern Sudan Conference, spearheaded by the AU-IGAD-UNITAMS Trilateral Mechanism and the mainstream Forces for Freedom and Change Central Council (FCC-CC), concluded in Khartoum’s Friendship Hall on Wednesday, with a series of recommendations on issues related to government continuity and restorative justice.

The conference endorsed a plan outlining a development forum for a civilian government in the east to be enshrined three months after Sudan’s Framework Agreement is fully enacted. However, “this is entirely dependent on a thorough political process which provides a salient harmonisation between state actors and people in all eastern localities”.

Conference participants reportedly affirmed the unity of Sudan and its sovereignty over all its lands, federal rule, the right to one region, positive discrimination for women, the rights for victims of violations to bring the accused to justice, and the right to public participation.

Some took issue with the conference’s conclusive decisions, especially the lack of discussion around the Eastern Sudan Track protocol which is part of the 2020 Juba Peace Agreement.

Mohamed Ahmed Nadil, head of the National Network for Social Justice, told Radio Dabanga that the “workshop did not include discussion of controversial issues such as the Eastern Sudan track and the separate negotiating platform, but rather focused on post-societal stability issues”.

Nadil criticised the workshop for focusing on the “academic side and not being bold in dealing with political issues”. He stated that the workshop’s recommendations would “reflect positively on eastern Sudan, if implemented”.

FFC-Central Council

The mainstream FCC-CC announced the imminent signing of the final agreement, stressing that there will be no amendment to the framework agreement, its parties, or its topics.

In a press conference held by the FFC-Central Council, spokesperson Jaafar Hasan, stated that they broadly support expanding the base of the transition, and that the predetermined parties will sign the agreement following its conclusion.

The spokesperson maintained that the process would not be “flooded with remnants” of the former regime. He stressed the need for a united military force and condemned predatory recruitment activity form various armed movements in, River Nile state and El Butana in northern El Gedaref.

Hasan stated that the mainstream FCC-CC will embark on a tri-state press tour in Sennar, River Nile and White Nile on Friday, to explain the benefits of the new framework agreement.