East Darfur medics call for health director to be dismissed for ‘corruption’


The Coordination of Medical and Health Workers in East Darfur has called on the state government to dismiss the Director-General of Health because of what it described as ‘wrong policies and corruption’. The coordination has also called for a comprehensive strike.

Speaking on behalf of the coordination, Humeidan Eisa told Radio Dabanga that the health system in the state is suffering from a terrible deterioration in health services, and in some places, health facilities are sometimes completely lacking.

In the statement, Eisa warned of the exacerbation of public suffering in light of harsh economic conditions. The statement accused the director of health of corruption and neglecting the foundation’s assets, pointing to the theft of two Land Cruiser ambulances provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees last year, in addition to another attempt two days ago to steal an ambulance in the Krio refugee camp. The coordination has called on its employees to organise themselves in strike committees in preparation for a comprehensive strike, warning the authorities that they will escalate the situation if the Director General of Health is not dismissed immediately and without any conditions.