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‘Dozens killed’ as Sudanese militia and CAR forces clash

February 22 - 2017 FORO BARANGA / UM DUKHUN
RSF troops in their armed vehicles (Sudan Armed Forces)
RSF troops in their armed vehicles (Sudan Armed Forces)

Witnesses from Foro Baranga in West Darfur and Um Dukhun in Central Darfur told Radio Dabanga that RSF militiamen initially crossed the border into the Central African Republic.

Some callers suggest that the motives of the RSF were to prospect for gold, while others allege that they were intent of theft.

A relative of one of the dead men told Radio Dabanga that a force from the Central African Republic surrounded the RSF militia in the mountains. The RSF then contacted their leadership, who sent reinforcements on Tuesday, including more than 20 Land Cruisers, weapons and ammunition.

“The Central African forces confronted them which resulted in the death of between 60 to 100 people from both sides and wounding of dozens, along with the destruction of a number of vehicles.”

Witnesses said that rapid support militia elements were seen returning from the Central African Republic crossing Um Dukhun towards Central and West Darfur.

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