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Abu Karinka in East Darfur calm after 12 farmers die in clashes

February 22 - 2017 ABU KARINKA
File photo
File photo

The situation in El Nair village in East Darfur has ‘returned to normal’ after 12 farmers from the village were slain, and 19 more wounded in clashes with armed herdsmen.

Osman Gasim, the Commissioner of Abu Karinka locality in East Darfur said that the clashes broke out on Sunday and Monday between the farmers and armed herdsmen who entered their livestock onto the villagers’ farms.

Commissioner Gasim says that “the buffer force in the area intervened and separated the two sides. Intervention by the authorities and native administrations contained problem.”

Leaders and notables of various localities in North Darfur have demanded the need to strengthen security and extension of the prestige of the state and the rule of law so as to put an end to the activities of the outlaws who still terrorise the people of the state.

The localities in the meetings with the committees of the Legislative Council have demanded the need to remove the courts, random gates of some areas and roads, reduction of human trafficking and drug activity, alcohol and control of the borders with neighbouring countries.

The localities have also demanded the establishment of conferences for social reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in North Darfur.

The residents of those localities have complained of the weakness of basic services, especially health, education and water.

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