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Dispute between Sudanese soldiers leaves 8 dead, sources

December 16 - 2012 MORNEI

A dispute between Sudanese soldiers in the area of Mornei, West Darfur has allegedly left eight men killed and another four injured on Saturday, 15 December.

Sources informed Radio Dabanga that clashes erupted in the garrison of Mornei, located on the north side of the city, on Saturday around noon and affirmed that eight soldiers were killed, among them an officer ranked first lieutenant, and another four were injured.

It was reported that the clashes erupted after two Land Cruiser vehicles of the army tilted near to the Ronga Tass bridge during a chase between two groups on the main road from Mornei to Zalingei.

They said that the clashes sparked fear and panic among residents in the area and many fled to their homes, residents from Radamia neighbourhood near the army garrison in particular.

Some sources claim that the reason for the dispute is that a force of 20 vehicles which recently arrived from Jebel Moon, was refused to move to East Jebel Marra for 'field operations', causing the force to clash with other soldiers and officers.

At the same time, other sources assert that soldiers had asked for payment of their salaries before moving to the field, but their request was refused by the commander, which caused the dispute.

Radio Dabanga file photo

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