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Displaced in Central Darfur request WFP re-evaluate survey

March 6 - 2016 BINDISI / WADI SALIH
World Food Programme (WFP) lorries in Darfur (Unamid)
World Food Programme (WFP) lorries in Darfur (Unamid)

The residents of the camps for the displaced in Central Darfur do not agree with the results of a survey conducted by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) last year, by which a large number of them have fallen outside the food ration coverage.

A sheikh of the Deleig camp told Radio Dabanga that according to the survey, the number of camp residents eligible for food rations amounts to 7,000. Another 200 will receive aid every six months. About 11, 000 displaced are considered ineligible.

He said that the number of displaced eligible for food aid in Bindisi camp now amounts to 5,000. 864 people will receive food aid every six months, and 14,000 turned out to be ineligible.

The sheikh appealed to the WFP to reconsider the survey because of the agricultural season’s failure and the absence of job opportunities.


In June last year, WFP representative Bakri Osman told Radio Dabanga that the survey which began in 2014 in some of the Darfur camps would be completed early 2016.

The UN agency gathered information, in collaboration with partner organisations and camp leaders, from 600,000 displaced at 25 of the 50 camps targeted in 2015.

Osman explained that the information determining the standard of living of each household was obtained through a questionnaire, designed and implemented by a WFP team, in cooperation with the local community. He commended the cooperation by the displaced and their understanding of the classification process.

The WFP provided food assistance to 1.4 million displaced in 50 Darfur camps last year.


Hunger in Central Darfur's Deleig camp (10 February 2015)

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