Darfur shootings injure farmers, firewood collector

Ten people were injured in two separate attacks in North and South Darfur on Sunday and Monday.

(file photo)

Ten people were injured in two separate attacks in South and North Darfur on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday afternoon gunmen attacked a group of farmers in Sankta in southern Kass locality, South Darfur.

A woman of one the injured told Radio Dabanga that the incident took place after armed herdsmen opened fire, right over the farms. She said that the attackers, some of whom drove motorcycles, camels and horses, attacked the farmers using sticks and axes.

Farmers Mousa Khatir, Omar Ahmed Khatir, Teirab Hussein, Adam Mohamed Ali, Abdelnasir Adam Mohamed, Ayman Adam Mohamed, Bashar Eisa Suleiman, Ahmed Tobi and Mohamed Adam Siddig were injured.

Dubo El Omda

In Tawila locality in North Darfur, armed men shot a man collecting firewood on Monday afternoon. The incident took place near Mashrou Abu Zeid, 8 kilometres east of Dubo El Omda.

A family member of the victim, Mohamed Yousif Mousa, told Radio Dabanga that Mousa was collecting firewood with Yousif Hamid Saleh. The gunmen opened fire on them, wounding Mousa. He has been transferred to the military garrison of Katur to receive treatment at the emergency unit, where the incident was also reported.

Earlier this month, a man was killed by gunmen 15 km south of Dubo El Omda while fetching water for his cattle. Two days earlier two villagers were killed by armed herders west of Dubo El Omda.