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‘Darfur police shoot excessively’: Sudan committee

October 27 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Sudanese policemen (file photo)
Sudanese policemen (file photo)

A number of policemen in Darfur have been involved in killings in the region, according to a committee of the Sudanese Parliament.

During a visit to Darfur over the past few days, the Legislation and Justice Committee found that some policemen use their firearms excessively. The committee said it has not monitored premeditated murders.

Speaking for the committee, Mathaba El Haj Suleiman told the press during the visit that they received complaints from official and popular bodies in Darfur against Unamid. The joint AU-UN peacekeeping mission is denounced for not taking precautionary measures to prevent attacks on civilians.

El Haj Suleiman explained that the Legislation and Justice Committee was not able to meet with Unamid officials to validate those complaints.

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