Darfur crime overview: Robberies, gunfight in South Darfur

(UPDATE 08:27) More reports about armed robberies in Gireida in this overview of recent crimes committed in Darfur and reported to Radio Dabanga. Gunmen assaulted a group of displaced people from the camps near Gireida town on Sunday evening, wounding a family of three and robbing them of their donkey cart and other possessions.

An overview of recent crimes that were committed in the Darfur region and reported to Radio Dabanga.

Gireida, South Darfur

Gunmen assaulted a group of displaced people from the camps near Gireida town on Sunday evening, wounding a family of three and robbing them of their donkey cart and other possessions. Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a farmer reported that the gunmen were riding on camels and horses when they attacked displaced people who returned from the camps to cultivate their land in the area.

“Zakaria Yahya was stabbed several times. They beat his wife, Fatima Hamed Mahmoud, so hard that one of her legs was broken. They then attempted to slaughter their little son Mustafa Zakaria, causing serious injuries to his neck with a bayonet.” The boy is currently in the hospital in a very bad condition. The attack, the farmer said, was reported to the police.

Three women in Gireida were beaten and robbed of their belongings on Sunday, 27 September. A group of five men wearing military uniforms and riding on camels beat and whipped the women who live in Haraza village, 10 kilometres from Joghana.

The attackers then took the sugar and flour the women were carrying with them, an eyewitness told Radio Dabanga. He said that Hawaya and Khadija Adam Mohamed, and Halouma Omar Mousa sustained minor injuries and bruises.

An armed robbery on a truck that was driving to Joghana on 16 September resulted in the wounding of three passengers. Six bandits, riding on horses and camels, opened fire on the Land Rover that was coming from Abu Jula market at about 7pm.

The gunfire seriously injured owner Aboud Ali, driver Eisa El Haj and merchant Mohamed Harran, a witness told Radio Dabanga the following day. The bandits robbed the passengers of their money and belongings, and took all the luggage and goods on board of the vehicle.

Joghana in Gireida locality, south of Nyala city

Eleven people sustained various injuries when they were attacked by a group of militiamen near Gireida in South Darfur, on Tuesday 22 September.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, one of the victims reported that “about 13 Janjaweed, riding on camels and horses” ambushed a group of people who were on their way to Gireida after shopping at the Sergela market.

“They beat us with their rifle butts and whips. Two of us were seriously hurt,” he said. “They then robbed us of all our money, mobile phones, purchases, and donkeys.”

Nyala, South Darfur

People living in downtown Nyala, capital of South Darfur, witnessed an exchange of gunfire between gunmen and police on Wednesday 23 September. Five people sustained injuries.

The fighting broke out in the evening after a traffic policeman stopped a vehicle driven by gunmen who ignored a red traffic light, an eyewitness reported to Radio Dabanga.

“In response, one of the gunmen stabbed the policeman with a knife. The police then chased them after which a heavy fire fight took place. Three passers-by were hit by stray bullets.

A South Darfur state official confirmed the incident to Radio Dabanga and said that another policeman was wounded during the shooting.

Saraf Umra, North Darfur

A resident of El Jebel camp for the displaced in Saraf Umra locality, North Darfur, was robbed on Sunday, 27 September.

Sheikh Abdelrazeg Yousef Suleiman, the coordinator of the Saraf Umra camps reported to Radio Dabanga that at about 5 am on Sunday, five militiamen raided the house of Abdallah Adam Bakri.

“They told him at gunpoint to hand them his Honda motorcycle key. After searching his bed, they found SDG250 ($41) which they also stole.”