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Darfur: Committee begins investigation into Nierteti violence

January 5 - 2017 NIERTETI
Some of those wounded in the Nierteti violence
Some of those wounded in the Nierteti violence

The Investigation Committee, sent to Nierteti in Central Darfur from the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, began its investigation on Tuesday into the violence that caused the death of two schoolchildren, and wounded at least 48 people over the weekend.

The facts Investigation Committee that came from Khartoum began its investigation into Nierteti incidents with the relevant parties on Tuesday.

According to activists and notables in Nierteti who spoke to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday, the committee from Khartoum includes representatives of the Ministries of Defence, Interior, the Security Apparatus and other Members of Parliament.

The activists said that upon arrival on Tuesday, the committee met with both the Commander of the military garrison and the Police Chief.

One of the notables said that the committee also investigated the case of student Adam Bashar Fadul (18) from Kombo Ghabat who was detained by the army on 1 January.

He said that after the committee spoke to the student, who suffered a broken hand, they ordered his release and asked him to immediately go home.

Inventory of losses

One of the activists said that the committee also received a list from the Nierteti community with the names of 57 civilians who have suffered various injuries during the incidents.

On Wednesday the committee visited the Kombo Ghabat district and met with the families of the two schoolchildren who were killed by army bullets on Sunday.

One of the notables of the district told Radio Dabanga that the committee met with the sheikhs and notables of the town where they asked the committee to move the government forces and the Commissioner out of the city.

However, the source said the committee responded by saying it is committed to the payment of blood money, treatment of the wounded, and provision of compensation for all damages, along with the pledge of the committee to bring all those who have committed offenses or crimes to justice.

He explained that after the committee’s pledge, they began an inventory of the losses and damages with the names of those affected after taking oath before the committee.

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