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Classes suspended after deadly White Nile student strife

May 11 - 2017 BAKHT EL RIDA
A student protest is dispersed with tear gas in Sudan (File photo)
A student protest is dispersed with tear gas in Sudan (File photo)

Classes have been suspended at the Faculty of Education of the University of Bakht El Rida in Sudan’s White Nile state since Wednesday, following incidents that left two dead and 25 others injured.

On Tuesday clashes broke out after disagreements at the university's student union. Police intervened and dispersed the protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as live ammunition. A policeman and a woman student were killed, and 25 other people, including four police officers, were injured. Several students were detained.

The National Umma Party condemned the use of live bullets by the authorities and demanded immediate release of the detainees and a fair investigation into the causes of the incidents.

The party said in its statement that the failure of the state and the university administration to protect students and manage their affairs neutrally and wisely is one of the main reasons behind the phenomenon of student violence.

White Nile Governor Abdelhamid Mousa Kasha, announced the stability of the situation at the University of Bakht El Rida after Tuesday's incidents.

The Governor condemned the incidents and described them as “behaviour unbecoming of students”.

He said “the security services will play their full role in maintaining security and safety of students and university property”.

He pointed out that the police have investigations to find out the real criminals so as to bring them to justice.

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