Central Darfur’s displaced without shelter after fire

A massive fire destroys almost one hundred camp homes, forcing families to live in the open. In another camp, families also live in the open after being displaced from Jebel Marra.

A massive fire broke out on Friday in Bindisi camp, Central Darfur, destroying almost one hundred homes and their contents. More than 70 families had to leave their burned houses.

One of the affected told Dabanga that the families of the 85 burned houses now live in the open without cover. “The fire has destroyed all their properties.”

He appealed to the state and local authorities and the humanitarian organisations to speed up the provision of aid to the affected families.

Golo's displaced

Several hundreds of families that fled from Golo area to Nierteti in Central Darfur, following a militia attack on the area last January, still live in dire health and humanitarian conditions.

An activist from Nierteti told Dabanga that about 350 families live in the open without food or shelter. He pointed out that the Sudanese authorities have refused to open a camp for newly displaced people. “They asked the people instead to immediately return to Golo.”

The coordinator of the camps in Central Darfur described the situation of the displaced as “dire and miserable” to Dabanga. “There are more than 700 families here now. It is difficult to make a verification because they disappeared in towns where citizens host a number of them in their houses.”

He added that the refusal to open new camps “exasperates their suffering”.