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C. Darfur residents allege vaccination campaign gaps

January 4 - 2013 MUKJAR

Residents of the Tockura area in Dumbar administrative unit of the Mukjar locality, Central Darfur, allege that the ongoing yellow fever vaccination campaign in the state has not covered their region.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga on Friday, 4 January, they said that medical teams from the Bindissey locality have not yet reached them, what left 16.000 people in panic.

They also said that according to the state’s health ministry, all of the areas in the Mukjar and Bindissey localities would be covered.

On its turn, the health ministry acknowledged the campaign has not reached the Tockura area in Dumbar administrative unit because of a “lack of vaccines”.

Issa Mohamed Moussa Yousef told Radio Dabanga that his ministry is aware of the problem and will provide vaccines to the Bindissey area in the next two days.

Photo: A farmer accompanies his son (in bed), who is being assisted at the Teaching Hospital in El Geneina, after getting infected with Yellow Fever.Photo by Albert González Farran - UNAMID

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